Arabian Capitals Tour 2017

Fly with us around the Arabian world with any of your favorite jets. You will enjoy this tour especially if you like medium and short haul flights. 

International IFR Tour 2017

In this tour you will start from Erbil, Then you will start planning your way around the world. You will visit Asia, Europe and Africa throughout your flying time.

Regional IFR Tour 2017

In this tour you will only fly in the Middle East and some neighboring countries. You can use any type of Medium/Heavy Jets. 

IFR VFR Mix Old World Tour 2017

In this tour you will test your IFR/VFR skills by flying a mix of flight in the old world continents. You will enjoy looking at coastlines and beautiful mountains on your way.

Special Operations Tour 2017

If you love special operations then this tour is for you! There is a wonderful mix of special operations inside this tour from air patrol to delivering humanitarian flights.